Bridge collapse kills migrants

2019/10/02 16:20

Four people killed and two missing after a bridge in Yilan County collapsed on Tuesday are migrant fishermen. They werein fishing boats that were crushed by the Nanfang'ao Bridge in Su'ao harbor when it suddenly collapsed at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday when the boats were reportedly about to head out to sea. Rescue workers have found four of the migrant fishermen' bodies so far andare looking for the remaining two as of Wednesday. The migrants are from the Philippines and Indonesia. Another 10 people were injured in the accident, including the driver of anoil tanker truck that fell from the bridge and nine other fishermen, according to the authorities. Eight of them are in stable condition and most have been discharged from hospital, while the other fisherman -- an Indonesian migrant -- is in serious condition. The cause of the bridge collapse is under investigation. There have been speculation that the steel cable holding up the bridge had rusted due to long-term exposure to wind and rain since the bridge was built in 1999, and that the bridge may not have undergone proper maintenance, which may have caused it to collapse.