Put yourself in a painting

2019/05/11 10:00

Taiwan's sleepy villages have been trying to stand out in recent years by giving themselves a makeover, with the help of artists. Painters have adorned the walls of houses, streets and practically any space they can find. One village - Hao Mei Li in BudaiTownship, Chiayi City - stands out because its paintings are 3D. It's the first village to present 3D painting art in Taiwan. Artist Tseng Chin-cheng was recruited by Wu Chun-chieh, director of the Budai office of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration,to revive the village with this unique form of art. The paintings portray mostly sea creatures because Hao Mei Li is a fishing village. Check out the village in this video and if you have time, head there to interactwith the lifelike ocean creatures and take photos with them.