Does Taiwan want Uber?

2019/04/20 16:45

The U.S.-based transportation network company Uber operates in 600 cities in 65 countries and regions around the world. It has also operated in Taiwan for the past five years, with more than 10,000 drivers and 3 million regular users. Despite being fined heavily for not being registered as a transportation company a few years ago, it got around the bureaucracy by having its drivers register with rental car companies. However, the company now faces new problems from taxi companies, which are unhappy with the competition Uber poses. Pressured to respond, the government says it is trying to deal with accusations that Uber represents unfair competition by proposing a new set of rules for how Uber can operate in Taiwan, but the company says those regulations will kill its business and the livelihood of its drivers. Let's listen to what Uber and its drivers have to say.