Where migrants will be most needed

2018/09/23 10:00

Taiwan’s population is aging fast. At the end of March, Taiwan officially became an aged society. That means 14% of its population is 65 or older and one in seven people is a senior citizen. In just eight more years, Taiwan is expected to become a super aged society. By 2026, 20% of the population will be 65 or older. Taiwan’s government and people are trying to find the best way to care for the elderly. Some businesses running elderly care homes are urging the government to allow more such privately-run facilities to exist and to provide subsidies for families who can’t take care of their elderly loved ones to put them in the homes. If that happens, there could be more job opportunities for migrant workers, and perhaps better working conditions. Such facilities are more likely to be monitored by government agencies, whereas employers’ homes are not. Damon Wu, President of the Taipei Community-based Elderly Long-term Care Development Association, recently told CNA some of the challenges Taiwan faces as its population ages and why migrants are needed.