Seeing Taiwan in 30,000+ pictures

2018/07/21 10:00

Do you love Taiwan enough to spend months taking tens of thousands of pictures of its beautiful scenic spots? That's what Danish photographer Henrik Matzen did. The IT consultant came to Taiwan many years ago for Computex, fell in love with the island, and has been coming back ever since. But he's not just a tourist; he spends hours at each scenic spot taking thousands of pictures to capture the sunrise, sunset or night skyline. With the help of his colleague Jonas Høholt at his Denmark-based company FIRSTLAPSE, he used the photos to put together a time-lapse video of Taiwan, which they unveiled in May. The video, which only lasts one minute and 38 seconds, is made up of around 30,000 still images. It shows Taiwan in a way that it's never been shown before. To see the full video, click on Matsen's Facebook page: And to find out what motivated him, see what he told CNA in this video.