Why women choose to work as prostitutes

2017/07/08 21:00

Women from all over the world visit the United Kingdom every year in search of a better life. Many of them are Asian women who get there using fake marriages or passports to try to earn a better living and help their families back home. But some find it difficult to survive when they get there, much less pursue their dreams, and end up working as prostitutes in London’s illegal massage parlors. 'The Receptionist', a film based on the true stories of women who have worked in the massage parlors, recently premiered in Taiwan and has been selected for screening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in the U.K. It has also been nominated for awards at other festivals. The story is told from the perspective of a Taiwanese graduate who can’t find a job and ends up working as a receptionist in one parlor, where she learns about the lives of the Chinese, Taiwanese and Southeast Asian women who work there as prostitutes. Taiwanese film director Jenny Lu, who lives in the U.K., recently spoke to Central News Agency in Taipei about what motivated her to make the film.