Taiwan headline news

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Taiwan headline news

Taipei, Oct. 30 (CNA) The lead stories in major Taiwan dailies on Wednesday are as follows:

@United Daily News: DPP overcomes opposition boycott to send Chinese Proxy bill to legislative committees

@China Times: Farm machine subsidies balloon from NT$50 million to NT$1.6 billion on Tsai government's generosity in election year

@Liberty Times: Chinese funds intervene in elections; NT$1.89 million found in Chinese Democratic Progressive Party pockets

@Apple Daily: Workers in new labor pension system may get dividend of NT$27,000 per person in 2020

@Economic Daily News: TSMC a strong, profitable stock after settlement of patent dispute

@Commercial Times: Restrictions widely eased; domestic companies allowed to open OBU accounts

@Taipei Times: Lawmakers pass F-16 procurement act


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