Taiwan headline news

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Taiwan headline news

Taipei, July 24 (CNA) The lead stories in major Taiwan dailies on Wednesday are as follows:

@United Daily News: Cigarette-smuggling scandal widens with two National Security Bureau agents detained; One agent provides investigators with list of 50 purchasers

@China Times: Presidential security aides make one big final score before end of Tsai's term

@Liberty Times: NSB agents began using state visits to smuggle cigarettes during Ma Ying-jeou administration; smuggled amount rises from 288 cartons to 9,274 cartons within five years

@Apple Daily: Detained major offers names of 50 smuggled goods buyers

@Economic Daily News: Penny stocks surge as Taiwan stock market seesaws

@Commercial Times: TAIEX Total Return Index surpasses 20,000 points this week

@Taipei Times: Huang urges CAL chair to quit


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