Taiwan headline news

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Taiwan headline news

Taipei, June 18 (CNA) The lead stories in major Taiwan dailies on Tuesday are as follows:

@United Daily News: Referendums limited to every 2 years; vote not to be held concurrently with 2020 presidential election

@China Times: DPP aims to keep ruling status by castrating Referendum Act

@Liberty Times: No referendum to be held with 2020 presidential election

@Apple Daily: Legislative Yuan approves Referendum Act amendments not to hold vote with 2020 presidential election

@Economic Daily News: Huawei warns it could lose NT$1 trillion in revenue amid Washington's business restrictions

@Commercial Times: Tariffs imposed on US$300 billion worth of Chinese goods could take effect as soon as July 2

@Taipei Times: Demonstrators press HK's Lam to quit


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