Taiwan headline news

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Taiwan headline news

Taipei, Oct. 28 (CNA) The lead stories in major Taiwan dailies on Sunday are as follows:

@United Daily News: President Tsai Ing-wen, Premier Lai Ching-te attend together big election campaign in Taichung

@China Times: Google Trends reveals fates of mayoral candidates in six municipal cities; DPP should be in fear

@Liberty Times: Recruitment of second-tier professional physicians plummets amid fear among young doctors of being replaced by AI in future

@Apple Daily: Report has no words about delivery check problems but TRA's irresponsible statement blaming the 18-life-killing Puyuma crash on old trains

@Economic Daily News: 12 blue-chip stocks gain amid drop in market

@Commercial Times: 15 stocks gain institutional support amid efforts to seek rebound

@Taipei Times: Pride urges people to 'vote for equality'


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