Liberty Times: A family should hold common values

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Liberty Times: A family should hold common values

International media have reported that Washington, discontented with China's bullying of Taiwan, might send submarines through the Taiwan Strait in a show of support for Taiwan, while a high-ranking American official might attend the completion ceremony in Taipei next week for the new office of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT).

If this happens, it could be viewed as an effort by the U.S. to counter China's actions by aligning with Taiwan.

William Anthony Stanton, former director of the AIT's Taipei office, said that in the long term, relations between Washington and Beijing will become more complex and thornier as the two countries share no common interests and values. On the other hand, Taiwan-U.S. ties will continue to grow because the two countries share the same values such as democracy and rule of law, he said.

Meanwhile, Kuomintang (KMT) Vice Chairman Hau Lung-pin (郝龍斌), who is attending the Cross-Strait Peace Forum in China, said the two sides of the Taiwan Strait should become one family. He expressed thanks to Chinese authorities at all levels for the assistance extended to Taiwan's people in China, which he said was a home away from home for them.

It seems that Taiwan is not the homeland of those KMT officials, but rather is just a place in which they live with nostalgia for China. If there are indeed so-called "defectors of Taiwan," they are the people who praise China despite its bullying of Taiwan.

If the KMT continues on this path, it will find it hard to regain power and might become a branch of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Taiwan.

Actually, except for those who are seeking economic benefits in China, most of Taiwan's people are not worried about the current stalemate in cross-strait ties.

The mainstream public, especially the young generation, supports the independence movement of Taiwan and wants to see stronger relations with the U.S. to counter China's suppression of Taiwan and to cement Taiwan's independent sovereignty.

The KMT is still obsessed with the idea that a KMT-CPC alignment could succeed in Taiwan's democratic system. The KMT is still sleepwalking and dreaming of aligning with China to counter Taiwan's democracy. It has warned that Taiwan would become a "pawn" for the U.S. but seems unaware that it sounds like a China puppet whenever it raises its anti-democratic rhetoric in tune with Beijing. (Editorial abstract -- June 8, 2018)


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