iPhone fans lambaste screen-blackening bug in iOS 11

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iPhone fans lambaste screen-blackening bug in iOS 11

Taipei, Dec. 3 (CNA) Many iPhone fans took their angry comments to the internet in the wake of a bug in the iOS 11 that is randomly rebooting and respringing iPhones in many parts of the world.

The PTT Bulletin Board System, the largest terminal-based bulletin board system based in Taiwan, received many comments including expressions of anger and devastation.

Users also went as far as to ridicule the iPhone's manufacturer by saying "Apple's headquarters are now trying to conduct a faith test" and "Don't worry, being an Apple fan, there's nothing you can't endure."

Theses comments were prompted by an iOS 11.1.2 upgrade which caused the screen-blackening and continual respringing. The iPhone models that were affected were the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone SE.

Apple quickly came out with the iOS 11.2 upgrade Saturday to address the problem. However according to technology website 9to5mac, after the update, Face ID feature was affected. Luckily, a reset will fix the problem.

iOS 11.2 upgrade

The iOS 11 which came out on Sept. 20 saw many problems despite it being officially declared to be the most advanced mobile operating system.

Seven upgrades have been released in between the roughly two months from the releases of the iOS 11 on Sept. 20 to Nov. 17, when iOS 11.1.2 was released.

Reddit, a popular American social news aggregation and discussion website, have been swamped with complaints about the operating system such as "For the iPhone, the iOS 11 contains the most bugs" -- a complaint that received hundreds of comments.

Many of the comments were complaining about Apple, saying that the iOS 11 was the most problematic iOS version which included problems of receiving sound when talking on the phone, of music settings, overheating and system crashes.

Some iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 users even said after upgrading to iOS 11, battery life obviously decreased.

(By Jiang Ming-yan and William Yen)

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