Teen boy has epileptic seizure, doctor blames computer gaming

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Generic image taken from Pixabay

Generic image taken from Pixabay

Taipei, Aug. 6 (CNA) A Changhua County-based neurologist has warned of the perils of playing video games on the computer or other 3C products, saying that sustained gaming without a break to sleep may cause primary generalized epilepsy.

Yeh Tzung-hsun (葉宗勳), head of the neurology department at Yuan Sheng Hospital, issued the warning Monday after treating a junior high school student who, according to his father, showed symptoms of an epileptic seizure -- the sudden loss of consciousness and jerking movements of the body.

The anxious father told the neurologist that the boy went unconscious with muscle twitching shortly after he got out of bed and left his room one morning.

Until then he did not know his child had played computer games on a mobile phone the whole night without even taking a short break, Yeh cited the father as saying.

Yeh diagnosed that the lack of sleep led to the onset of idiopathic epilepsy, a form of epilepsy characterized by generalized seizures with no apparent cause. The seizure resulted from a sudden disruption of normal electrical and chemical activities in the brain, the doctor said.

Such patients can lose consciousness and their muscles stiffen and jerk, Yeh said.

He reminded parents that if their child has an epileptic seizure, they should just let the process play out on its own while paying close attention to whether the patient starts to harm himself or herself.

(By Wu Jhe-hao and Elizabeth Hsu)

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