Hsuehshan Tunnel system detects over 2,000 violators in 1st month

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Photo courtesy of the freeway police

Photo courtesy of the freeway police

Taipei, July 14 (CNA) The automated law-enforcement traffic system in Hsuehshan Tunnel on Freeway No. 5 has recorded more than 2,000 traffic violations since its introduction nearly a month ago, police said on Friday.

The system installed in the 12.9 kilometer-long tunnel on the freeway connecting Taipei and Yilan County in northeastern Taiwan uses a total of 16 cameras, eight each in the northbound and southbound lanes.

The fastest traveling vehicle recorded in the tunnel since the implementation of the automated system in Hsuehshan was one traveling at 185 kilometers per hour, according to the freeway police.

Meanwhile, the most tickets issued to a single motorist in one day was a driver who received nine tickets resulting in total fines of NT$45,000 (US$1,480).

The police said the driver passed through the tunnel several times in one day, and that the nine tickets were all issued for speeding.

The maximum speed limit in the tunnel is currently 90 kph, but only motorists driving at over 100 kph will receive a ticket.

Motorists who travel below 70 kph on a non-congested lane will also be fined for driving too slowly.

According to the police, the minimum fine for speeding is NT$3,000. Fines range from NT$3,000-NT$6,000 for changing lanes and driving too slowly and range from NT$6,000-NT$24,000 for tailgating.

As of Friday, the automated system has recorded a total of 2,026 violations in Hsuehshan Tunnel since being introduced on June 15, of which 1,263 were for speeding, 731 were for driving too slowly, and 32 were for tailgating.

(By Worthy Shen and Ko Lin)

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