Two brands of expired Seirogan stomach pills recalled

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(Photo courtesy of Taoyuan Department of Public Health)

(Photo courtesy of Taoyuan Department of Public Health)

Taipei, May 18 (CNA) Local health authorities around Taiwan said on Thursday they have directed pharmacies to pull two brands of Seirogan gastrointestinal pills from shelves after their expiration dates were found to have been altered.

Authorities in Kaohsiung said they inspected 937 pharmacies in the city on Thursday after being notified by the Food and Drug Administration a day earlier that the suppliers of two types of Seirogan pills had altered the expiration dates of their products.

They ordered 140 pharmacies that sell the expired pills to take them off the shelves. As a result, 3,008 bottles containing 769,660 tablets were removed from the 140 pharmacies as of 5p.m. on Thursday.

Meanwhile, 31 pharmacies and seven pharmaceuticals distributors in Taoyuan recalled 1,082 bottles containing 222,880 pills.

In New Taipei, 1,013 cartons containing the pills were sealed as of noon on Thursday.

The city health authorities said that consumers are entitled to a refund regardless of when they bought the pills, as long as they return them. Refunds will be available from May 22 to Dec. 31.

Taoyuan City also issued a recall for two brands of Seirogan herbal antidiarrheal medication, resulting in a total of 1,082 bottles containing 222,880 pills being removed from shelves.

The offshore island county of Penghu inspected 30 pharmacies under its jurisdiction on Thursday and as a result four bottles containing 1,050 tablets of the two brands of Seirogan pills were removed.

(By Chang Che-fon, Lin Chang-shun, Lee Hsien-feng and Evelyn Kao)

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