Protesters hit streets to oppose same-sex marriage

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(CNA file photo)

(CNA file photo)

Taipei, March 18 (CNA) Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in Taipei Saturday to urge the government to postpone reviewing a bill that will legalize same-sex marriage, adding that the administration's priority should lie in improving the economy.

According to the event organizer, the Alliance of Crying for Hope, the bill -- which has already passed its first screening and a committee review in the Legislature -- will only stir controversy and polarize society.

Taiwan already faces numerous problems, including increasing consumer prices, low employment for young people and cooling relations with China, and cannot afford more turmoil, the civic group said.

Legalization of same-sex marriages could also lead to chaos in social values, family ethics and sex education, the group argued.

The group's action came ahead of debate in a constitutional court on the issue of same-sex marriage set for March 24.

(By Chen Chi-chung and Lee Hsin-Yin)

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