Le Palais sole 3-star restaurant in Michelin Guide Taipei (update)

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Le Palais sole 3-star restaurant in Michelin Guide Taipei (update)

Taipei, April 10 (CNA) Cantonese restaurant Le Palais (頤宮) remained the only establishment to receive a three-star in Michelin's 2019 gourmet food guide of Taiwan unveiled Wednesday.

Now in its second edition, the Taipei guide selected one three-star, five two-star and 18 one-star restaurants, while one one-star restaurant from last year's guide was dropped.

Le Palais was the only restaurant in Taipei to get three Michelin stars in the 2018 guide, and it maintained the designation this year.

"The cooking is truly outstanding, with the Cantonese-style crispy roast duck, the tofu dishes and the baked egg custard tarts especially impressive," the Michelin Guide reads.

In the two-star category, Sushi Amamoto, an authentic sushi bar with just 12 seats at a solid cypress counter, was a new entry in the Taipei guide.

"The humble and friendly chef imports the seasonal fish mostly from Kyushu, and some from Tokyo, to be hand-pressed on sushi rice cooked in natural spring water from Nagano," according to the guide.

Meanwhile, restaurants featuring innovative cooking-styles -- Taïrroir and Raw -- were elevated from one to two stars this year, while Japanese restaurant Shoun RyuGin and Sichuan-style The Guest House maintained their two star distinctions.

Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the Michelin Guides, said the 2019 guide reflects the growing dynamics of food culture in Taipei.

"The dining scene in Taipei is evolving at a great pace," he said. "Our inspectors were not only impressed by the standard of local Taiwanese cuisine, but also by the global influences being imported by the very talented and innovative local chefs, which together will no doubt entice food lovers from around the world."

There were also four new one-star restaurants this year, including Impromptu by Paul Lee.

Lee is a young chef who mastered his skills in America and came to Taiwan to present innovative cuisine to local diners, according to the guide.

Another is logy, run by a young Japanese chef from Hokkaido, "who creates the umami (Japanese for savory taste) with his skilled hands, as well as surprising diners with flavor combinations."

Rounding out the new one-star restaurants are Mountain and Sea House, which has a long history offering fine authentic Taiwanese cuisine with traditional flavors, and Tainan Tan Tsu Mien Seafood, which offers fresh seafood served on luxury European-style tableware.

The one-star restaurant from 2018 that did not make this year's list was La Cocotte by Fabien Verge, which has closed.

A Michelin three-star rating denotes "exceptional cuisine worth a journey," while the two-star and one-star categories recommend excellent cooking worth a detour and high quality cooking worth a stop, respectively.

The complete 2019 list is:

Three-star: Le Palais

Two-star: RAW, Shoun RyuGin (祥雲龍吟), Sushi Amamoto, Taïrroir, and The Guest House (請客樓).

One-star: Three Coins (大三元), Da-Wan (大腕), Danny's Steakhouse, Golden Formosa (金蓬萊遵古台菜), Impromptu by Paul Lee, Ken An Ho (謙安和), Kitcho (吉兆割烹壽司), L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, logy, Longtail, Ming Fu (明福台菜海產), Mountain and Sea House (山海樓), MUME, Sushi Nomura, Shushi Ryu, Tainan Tan Tsu Mien Seafood (台南担仔麵), Tien Hsiang Lo (天香樓), and Ya Ge (雅閣).

(By Lee Hsin-Yin)

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