Kinmen to hold Dice Game For Mooncakes event

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Kinmen to hold Dice Game For Mooncakes event

Taipei, Sept. 15 (CNA) Kinmen County Government Tuesday announced plans for the upcoming Dice Game For Mooncakes (Bo-Bing) event and a series of other activities for Mid-Autumn Festival from Sept. 20 to Oct. 4.

Deputy Kinmen County Magistrate Wu Cheng-tien (吳成典) at a press event held at the Qing Dynasty Kinmen Military Headquarters Tuesday said the Mid-Autumn Festival Bo-Bing event in Kinmen is an important part of Minnan (southern Fujian) culture that has been celebrated for more than 300 years. He invited tourists from both Taiwan and mainland China to experience local culture.

Director of Kinmen County's Transportation and Tourism Bureau Chen Mei-ling (陳美齡) said celebrity Hsu Nai-lin (徐乃麟) will host the opening ceremony of Bo-Bing on Sept. 20.

Chen also said that on the same day organizers of the event will welcome the first arrivals on ferries from Xiamen and Quanzhou of Fujian at Shuitou Pier and from Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Chiayi and Kaoshiung at Kinmen Airport.

She pointed out that this year in addition to the Bo-Bing event and a Cosplay performance held at the Qing Dynasty military headquarters, there will also be daily reservations of 76 seats which can be booked free of charge online for guided shuttle tours of Lieyu Township (Lesser Kinmen).

The bureau said the Bo-Bing event this year will include a series of challenges with players winning a prize for every level they complete. In order to be eligible to play tourists must produce their own ferry ticket or plane ticket used within the previous seven days.

Players are then given 3 chances to roll 6 dices, if a four is rolled they win a lucky prize and progress to the next level. At level 2 and 3 they receive three rolls of the 6 dices and need 2 fours and 3 fours to win respectively. The level two prize is a discount voucher for local shops and level 3 is a Kinmen souvenir. Level four requires four fours and winners receive a commemorative coin.

The Bo-Bing event is also known as "Gambling for Moon-Cakes" and was invented by soldiers under Koxinga (鄭成功) during Mid-Autumn Festival with the winning prizes being moon cakes. Six dice are used to play the game and represent the different levels or "degrees" of the old imperial exam system.

(By Huang Hui-min and William Yen)

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