Former Taiwanese national allowed to visit relatives in Taiwan

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Former Taiwanese national Lu Li-an (盧麗安)/CNA file photo

Former Taiwanese national Lu Li-an (盧麗安)/CNA file photo

Taipei, Oct. 27 (CNA) A former Taiwanese national who attended the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China can visit relatives in Taiwan without a problem as long as she abides by relevant laws, the Mainland Affairs Council said Friday.

As the only Taiwan-born individual to attend the 19th Party Congress, which ended Tuesday, Lu Li-an (盧麗安) attracted a lot of local media attention, but her mother is worried about whether her daughter can legally return to Taiwan to visit family members, according to the United Daily News.

The MAC, Taiwan's main coordinator of China policy, said Lu like anyone else holding a Chinese passport can visit Taiwan as long as her application is approved.

If the reason for her visit is to see family members, Lu's application, like that of any other Chinese national, will most likely be approved without a problem.

If her visit is of a business or political nature, however, then there will be a stricter review of her application and the activities she intends to engage in Taiwan before approving her travel, the MAC said.

The Fudan University professor reportedly acquired Chinese citizenship sometime prior to the CPC National Congress and has since had her Taiwanese household registration revoked as is stipulated by Article 9-1 of the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area.

According to Article 9-1 of the act, people of the "Taiwan Area" may not hold household registration in the "Mainland Area" or hold a passport issued by the "Mainland Area." If they do so, they shall be deprived of their status as people of the "Taiwan Area."

(By Miao Zong-han and Kuan-lin Liu)

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